Today's ideas outgrow the ones from yesterday.

The path lays in single steps, each made in deep concentration.
Step by step, we conquer today's goals. Step by step,
we are ready for the next ones. For all the big ones.
That's the story of our brave vision.
That's the story of Bosch.

We will take you into the future
by telling stories merged into one living organism.

1. The Performance  2. The communication package  3. The event package

We created a spectacular experience of a smart and connected future, which will inspire you and lead you towards a technologically advanced society.

1. The Performance

Choreography customized for your specific venue artistic performance

The world-famous artists firected by Pavol Kelley will guide you through one hour of contemporary artistic phenomena on the tailor-made theme, direction, choreography and scene, and engage you in the Bosch vision of transformation.

In the first part of the show, we carry you across time to 1886, when Robert Bosch founded his company. Then, together with performers and acrobats we will walk through the company's history - from its modest beginnings to international success.

The second part will show us the current technological transformation and vision of the company's further development, connecting all the technologies in smart and autonomous units that will lead our civilization to a sustainable future.

2. The Communication Package

  • Key visual of Transformation in open data horizontal / vertical
  • Adaptation for various formats
  • Open data in various formats
  • Licences for each individual region
<The key visual and the philosophy behind it guide the reader on the way to a vision of Transformation.

Every idea should be bigger than the previous one.

All living things change. Plants, animals, humans, civilizations and the universe. Starting very modestly, getting bigger each and every second, outdoing their past and teirselves. They evolve.

Robert Bosch's company is the same -since its beginning, it has transcended the previous technology. It is capable of continuous success and solving more complex problems, helping people to live a better life.

BOSCH. Invented for life.

3. Event Package

in cooperation with your local agency

  • The Performance
  • The Communication package
  • Complete management of the concept's international format
  • Location management: selection, customization
  • Catering guidlines
  • Scenography, decor, light and sound design, technical equipment
  • Add-on program proposal

Bosch Transformation Experience
first introduced in 2018.

This concept and communication was successfully
introduced at the 25th anniversary celebration of Bosch
Slovakia, Bratislava, October 2018.
Download in pdf

Applicable for every country now in the Bosch family.

Every journey begins
with the first step.

For application in your
country contact the
brand-experience team
of Innovate.

Martina Ptackova
account supervisor
Call me at +420 777 931 506

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